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We bring order to chaos!

We know today's business may be a mess using different technologies, also inappropriate, that make work flow slow and non-transparent. We also know that old IT systems suppress further development and growth. We believe in agile project management, meaning two times more work done in half the time. By constantly checking and correcting directions on the way, we reach the target within the investment framework and at the planned time.

Why Hire Us?

Proficient Service

Our specialist are on the market for as long as 20 years and have worked on several hundreds of projects. We take care of your business.

Structured Coding

We know about programming and the software we do is done with the right tools for the case. We take care of it.

Advanced Technologies

Each day we learn something new about the new approaches and new techniques for specific problems. And this knowledge library is available to our clients.

our support

We have to take care of our client's system. It needs inspections and fast reactions in case of problems. Our technical department is ready.
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How Do We Work?

After the initial contact we begin with first interviews and continue to analyse the process including gathering additional information. All our work includes a-level specialists who take responsibilities for further steps. You have to be satisfied with the solutions we propose and deliver. Your users and your clients have to be satisfied with your work and services. That is our aim.

Field Service, Asset and Stock Management

PROLOS is a FSM - Field Service Management and CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management Software for field service automation, task management, planning and organizing material distribution, etc. It manages different services and allows access/transfer of data, easy planning or tracking, all with support of paperless business.

With PROLOS, companies plan their maintenance, manage equipment, devices, assets, and schedule repair team work across different regions and also countries. PROLOS enables predictive maintenance and helps with stock management. The solution operates on most of mobile OS, also off-line, and may be integrated with ERP, CRM and other software solutions, such as SAP, Dynamics, etc. Allows lower operating costs, solves problems of provision of services and procurement and distribution of goods.

PROLOS is designed to allow changes and adjustments for every special company or customer. The software is already fully developed and can be associated with the majority of ERPs. Main features are to promote the provision of services, order preparation, data collection, tracking of material and fixed assets and analysis.


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We offer hardware and software of the most recognized and value added suppliers and partners such as Zebra, Honeywell, NordicID, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, DELL, Datalogic, IBM, Lenovo, Unitech, Datamax-Oneil, etc.

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Business Areas Of Our Services

Our Services Include
  • Business process analysis
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Finance / investment supervision
  • Requirements management
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Company management
  • Business development
  • Partnership development
  • Agile software development
  • Project management
  • Field service solutions
  • Warehouse stock management
  • RFID systems
  • Device management and tracking
  • IT hardware and software delivery